Monday, May 1, 2017

Mount up with wings...

Seven months ago, I chose to step away from life as It had flowed, took a sabbatical from who knows what.  Didn't then, don't now - just went with my gut.

A couple months back, did something else way outside my norm, all because something in my bones said, "Do it."  Whenever the spirit moves me, I write four slightly different versions of the same letter; three go to individuals & one to a couple.  On lined paper.  The stationery doesn't' matter, the connection does.  

People think of me as a gregarious person & in many ways I am.  But although connecting with people is deeply & joyfully rooted in my nature, for many decades it was smudged out of my nurture.  The letters help me reclaim my true self, although I can't for the life of me tell you how.

For years, I'd say in trying to explain some off-kilter trait, "My family told me...". Somewhere around my mid-50s, that changed to, "The message I got...". Nowadays, "It's more to the point - "The noises I hear..."

The older I get, the clearer it becomes that we mish & mangle, all by our little lonesome, so much of what we hear & experience, yet think it's someone else's doing.  Once I realized that 99.99999% of the warped messages I've received over 65+ years were warped by ME - well, it was liberating.  

Yesterday, when I wrote on another blog that the why behind Cyber Access for the Technically Timid (CATT) was "choice & freedom,"  something that had been crammed in, stuck down deep inside seemed to take wing & soar upward - released, jubilant.  

Just now, did some time travel.  Went back 3+ years to March 2014 & my first posting on this very blog.  It talked about, after four (4) decades of digging down deep, had finally secured a solid foundation, The next step was figuring out the gnarly task of figuring out how the heck to create craft build a strong & resilient infrastructure.  

Up to now, my life has resisted heading in anything close to a linear fashion -YET- it has been steadily leading me to the place moment being where I am capable of thinking & planning & DOING in a linear manner.

Kairos & Kronos continue their dance - for the time being, Kronos has taken the lead.  And Kairos couldn't be prouder.

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